Tuesday, 17 January 2012

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This is a post for other websites and links that have other information about racism that i could not provide.

http://www.straight.com/article-325500/vancouver/squamish-nation-activist-organizes-conference-save-first-nations-languages-bc this is a link to a news paper article about a young first nations man/activist who is fighting to save first nation language in B.C.

http://www.narcc.ca/index.html is a website called the national anti racism community of Canada. what it is, is a foundation that is all about anti racism, they focus on all kinds of anti racism and a big one is racism against first nations. They do have many different projects to stop it.

national chief of the association of first nations, defends first nations in Canada and how badly they are treated.

Critical Reflection B

The use of technology definitely made this a lot easier to do. By being able to make a blog on the internet where the whole world can view it definitely helps bring awareness out. Also other people post information that helped me make my blog what it was, I think that if we did not have internet then not only would it be hard to find information, it would be hard to let a lot of people know about your topic. The good thing about the internet is it's always out there and anyone can view it at anytime, which maximizes awareness which can hopefully make it stop a lot faster. 

Critical Reflection A

The reason i chose this topic is because racism happens all the time in Vancouver, racism happens everywhere but i live in Vancouver so that is where i can make the most impact. I have learned over the time it took me to make this blog that people are people, and you can't judge them because of there race, in the end god made us all the same and that is how we should all treat each other, treat each other as equals. I learned that people want to help but are scared to, scared to be an outcast, if we find that one person who is courageous enough to take the first stand then i feel that more people will band together and maybe not in my generation but the next one racism will be eliminated. I may not be a full on activist but by doing what I did, by writing about this topic hopefully more people will band together and stop racism.

Your thinking. Your choice.

What do i feel compelled to say? I feel like racism happens to much, i feel that everyone wants to help but no one wants to be the first person to do it. By making this video I am hoping that this could be the push that people need to stand up to racism, by me making this video now maybe people won't just sit by. Even if i can get one person to also help prevent racism with me, then this video was a success.

This is a short video that i made to help bring out awareness to people all around that world that racism against all people is bad and needs to stop.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Racism against aboriginal people in Canada still exists today and goes back to early colonial times. What racism looks like back in colonial times opposed to today is, back then the first nations people got their land stolen from them by the "white man." They were forced to lose their religion, their rights and freedoms. The first nations people were forced to believe in Catholicism, they had their potlach's banned because it was "making people poor" by giving out free gifts. They were even forced to send their children to residential schools to practise "white mans" religion, they couldn't even speak their language, they had to speak English.

An example of systemic racism would be, when the British government disallowed potlach's. This is a form of systemic racism because the government didn't like that people were giving things away for free, the government already didn't want the first nation people to believe in their religion and were trying to convert them to chrisiantity. So by letting them keep the potlach it was allowing them to believe in their own religion because potlachs are a type of ritual welcoming new born children.
First Nations and Europeans trading in 1900's. First Nations getting taken advantage of.

Causes, why is this happening?

This picture shows that even today first nations people are being classified under the same categories as dogs, that means that they are putting them on the same level as a dog or a mutt. This happens because back in the colonial days that's how first nations people were being treated, like dogs, no respect. Even today it is still happening.
The root causes of racism against aboriginals is purely government, the only reason first nations people are being discriminated to this day is because the government felt threatened by first nations people. The government felt threatened because the first nations people were very opinionated, if they believed in something they stuck with it. When the government started banning alot of the first nations traditions and beliefs alot of other people started following the government because they were scared of what might happen if they rebelled. Even though Canada has separated from the British, some of the stereotypes and racism that did occur back then still does happen now. There are groups that work valiantly to prevent racism such as the Canadian Metis Council, which is helping Metis all over Canada with there rights or the NACCHO which is the national aboriginal community of Canada health organizers. They are all about health care and benefits for aboriginal people. There are many other organizations out there but these are a couple of the big ones.

Players and Stakeholders

The players and stakeholders that affect the racism in Canada are the first nations people themselves, the police, the government and even some of the everyday citizens.

The First Nations people are being impacted by this racism because it is directed towards them. Some of our police are very racist towards first nations people, they will judge them by how they look and think that they are less just because they are native. Sometimes a police officer will follow a stereotype and could know that a first nation person and a everyday average person and one of them have narcotics on them,the police officer will search the first nations person first. The government that we have today are very racist towards first nations people, they may not be openly racist and stereotypical, but they treat the first nations people how the "white man" treated them before. The government says they want to help the first nations people but inside they could care less, alot of the homeless people are first nations. That means they don't pay taxes which means they don't benefit the government and that's all they are a bunch of greedy politicians. Some of our everyday citizens are racist, but that is given to them by parents or other family and beliefs but it is unfair to see everyday first nations be victims of racism because of their families' pasts. Vancouver is so run by stereotypes that if you went up to ten people and asked what the first thing they thought of when first nations was said, they would probably say poverty, that's how bad our country is today because of the unfair treatment they had.

This video i just posted is a video that shows all the players and stakeholders that participate in racism against first nations. This video is a mash up of events that have affected racism against first nations in some way, whether it be good or bad.